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BCG Warptorio2 MMO

Alien Biomes Hr Terrain, Alien Biomes, Areapaste, Armouredbiters, Artillery Bombardment Remote, Assembler Pipe Passthrough, Assemblyanalyst, Autotrash, Blueprint Editor, Bullet Trails, Clockwork, Closestfirstonedotone, Cold Biters, Colorcodedplanners, Copyassemblerpipedirection, Cursorenhancements, Death Counter, Dedlib, Doublefurnaceminingdrill, Doublefurnace, Electricboiler, Equipmentplusportableengine, Even Distribution, Factorio Crash Site, Fireproof Bots, Flib, Furnaceminingdrillupdated, Gcki, Generic Logistic Chest, Implant Camera, Inbuilt Lighting, Inventory Repair, Jetpack, Kux Blueprintextensions, Kux Corelib, Landfilleverything, Landfill Plus, Mapview Noblacklines, Minable Intermediates, Miniloader, Mirv, Moduleinserter, Mouseoverconstruction, Nonukescorch, Noxys Quickerstumpfade, No Player Collision, Orphan Finder, Pickeratheneum, Pickerblueprinter, Pickerinventorytools, Pickervehicles, PlacementguidePlayer Request Crafting Layout, Power Grid Comb, Pump, Purple Acid Rain, Pushbutton, Quickbartemplates, Quickmaptag, Railway Motor Car, Rampantarsenal, Ratecalculator, Reduce Damage Flash, Rocket Silo Stats, Romulinhosresearchqueuealwaystrue, Rusty Locale, Schallalienmutation, Schallcombatrobotics, Schalllampcontrast, Schalloverseasrailway, Science Pack Glow, Searchlight, Show Max Underground Distance, Simhelper, Smallnightvisionrevived, Smallrobots, Spidertron Deal With It, Spidertronenhancements, Spidertronwaypoints, Squeak Through, Statsgui, Stdlib, Throwable Pistols, Tile Upgrade Planner, Vehiclegrid, Vehiclesnap, Visionradar, Vtk Armor Reach, Warptorio2, Warptorio2 Expansion, Wireshortcuts


Multistage Factorio event focused around the Warptorio mod.

Modpack designed by Buckminster

Team layout used for MMO events

White Team – Science
• You handle tech and research
• You set up science production

Red Team – Offensive
• Assaulting biter bases
• Setting up ammo production
• Setting up car and tank production
• Exploring

Black Team – Fortifications
• Setting up turret production
• Setting up wall production
• Setting up ammo production
• Forming defensive lines
• Supporting Logistics with setting up outposts

Blue Team – Logistics
• Making mining outposts
• Sending ore to Production team smelting arrays
• Making trains networks (Right hand drive)
• Read map labels people may be requesting ore input

Green Team – Production
• You do everything that’s not listed by the other teams

Orange Team – Power
• You make the power
• You’ll be in charge of setting up solar production, power poles, and any other energy production building

To change colour do /color {colour name}
Use labels on the map to request ore drop off or requirements