Krastorio 2 MMO


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You will need version 1.0

Krastorio 2 MMO

+33% Ore Size, +33% Ore Richness, +50% Oil, No Cliffs
Autobuild, Better Bots Technologies, Big Brother, Big Lab, Bottleneck, Bulk Rail Loader, Bullet Trails, Crafting Speed Research, High-Pressure Pipes, Krastorio 2, Mining Drones, Smooth Fluids, Splatter Guard, Squeak Through, Tree Collision, VehicleSnap, Where is MyBody


Blueprints will be disabled for the event

White Team – Science
• You handle tech and research
• You set up science production

Red Team – Offensive
• Assaulting biter bases
• Setting up ammo production
• Setting up car and tank production
• Exploring

Black Team – Fortifications
• Setting up turret production
• Setting up wall production
• Setting up ammo production
• Forming defensive lines
• Supporting Logistics with setting up outposts

Blue Team – Logistics
• Making mining outposts
• Sending ore to Production team smelting arrays
• Making trains networks (Right hand drive)
• Read map labels people may be requesting ore input

Green Team – Production
• You do everything that’s not listed by the other teams

Orange Team – Power
• You make the power
• You’ll be in charge of setting up solar production, power poles, and any other energy production building

To change colour do /color {colour name}
Use labels on the map to request ore drop off or requirements