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You will need Version 9.6.3

Big Community Games Custom Recipes & Specialization Rebalance

Discord Link, EM Framework, NidToolbox


Click here to see the full live map

Our Eco server is customised with over 160 recipe modifications to improve the multiplayer experience compared to the base game which is not balanced for large multiplayer games.

We aim to make our server more custom than the available ones on the public browser list, by listening to our community and creating votes on recipe changes and potential mods to add.
Votes happen on our Discord channel, You can join by clicking the link @ the top right of your screen

Recipe changes
# Added XP to Specialisation tools
– Wooden Hoe [Farming Skill]
– Stone sickle [Gathering Skill]
– Wooden Bow [Hunting Skill]
– Fishing Pole [Hunting Skill]
# Fishery Recipies Require [Hunting Specialization] and give XP
– Clean Crab
– Clean Large Fish
– Clean Medium FIsh
– Clean Moon Jellyfish
– Clean Pacific Sardine
– Clean Urchins
– Shuck Clams
– Shred Kelp
– Fishing Pole
#Arrows are now [Hunting Specialization] and give XP on craft
# Base crop
– Food requiring base resources costs 6 * more
– reduced calories of crops by / 10
#Module upgrade requires the previous upgrade to progress
– Advance Upgrade 1 Requires 2 Basic Upgrade 4 [Dynamic]
– Modern Upgrade 1 Requires 2 Advanced Upgrade 4 [Dynamic]
– Doubled the cost of tools to craft
– Doubled the resource cost of repair
– Double the durability of tools
– Wooden Shovel Max Carrie 3
– Iron Shovel Max Carrie 5
– Steel Shovel Max Carrie 7
– Modern Shovel Max Carrie 10
#Added New Recipe
– Crushed Dirt Ramp
1. 1 Dirt ramp = 6 Dirt
#Food no longer decays

Our main rebalance is to make dedicated gatherers and farmers, especially late game needed and to increase the concern for the environment and the growth of large farms

With the food edits, food has to be cooked now and living off just pumpkins and tomatoes is a lot less feasible.

The increased food cost will allow dedicated farmers to be able to afford shop prices as it is now no longer press E 3 times to craft food