Deep Mob Learning
By u/twgecko02

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These rules must be followed at all times to maintain balance in the force.
  1. Do not steal from other players
  2. Do not grief other players
  3. No cheating of any kind (X-ray, Hacked Clients, Etc)
  4. Try to set up your base with a control hub where you can turn off and on different sections of your base depending on the need
  5. If you are using hopper don’t leave items in them if they can’t go into an inventory as they product lag
  6. Never push into a full container try and empty your machines or containers faster then your filling them
  7. No eyesore / Lava cascades

Donating means you get access to the same perks on all servers. There are personal perks to donating as well as global perks when the target is met.

Here is a list of personal perks you receive upon supporting the server.

  • Live map for all servers
  • /nick
  • Full map render
  • Custom name prefixes

Here is a list of global perks every player receives upon reaching the donation goal (Donations not done though Patreon will still be counted but may not be shown).

  • 3 Homes
  • Enable /back, /home, /tpa
  • Removes cooldowns for commands
  • Base rate claim chunks to 50
  • Base rate of forceloaded chunks to 5
  • KeepInventory = True

You will need to message Ki-Tan in Discord for the in-game role.

Ranks use + symbols to indicate different stages of rank progression. (25% steps)
  • NewDefault player rank
  • Beginner3 Hour playtime
  • Adventurer15 Hour playtime
  • Expert50 Hour playtime
  • Veteran100 Hour playtime
  • Master150 Hour playtime
  • Overlord300 Hour playtime
  • Legend600 Hour playtime
  • Mythical1200 Hour playtime
  • DonatorDonations
Banned Item Mod Reason